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Provide Cars SEO Case Study

Has Your Website Got International Ambitions?

seo_client_2Getting your website into the top 10 on is relatively simple, but it's a very different situation when you want to rank highly on the search engine mecca that is International car auction and import consultancy, Provide Cars has just that ambition with it's website.

After seeing the potential of Google by using Google Adwords, Provide Cars owner Jon French was looking to get even more traffic to his site for keywords like 'Japanese Car Auctions' and 'Japan Car Imports'.

Jon heard about A+ Search Engine Optimisation from one of our current clients, The Rental Car Depot after we get thier website into the top 10 for ultra competitive keywords like 'Car Rental' and 'Car Rental Auckland'. This was all the proof that Jon needed to show A+ had what it takes to get the Provide Cars website into the top 10 on

So how are Provide Cars doing?

Well, as at Monday 20 December, the ranking for Provide Cars was:

  • Japanese Car Imports - Was 100+, now at #11
  • Japan Car Imports - Was 100+, now at #14
  • Japanese Car Auctions - Was #10, now at #11
  • Japan Car Auctions - Was #30, now at #16
  • Japan Car Auction - Was #35, now at #13

And this is only after working with A+ SEO for one month. Watch this space and for further improvements in the Provide Cars search engine ranking.