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Ezone Computers SEO Case Study

How to generate more customers each month with Search Engine Optimisation

Auckland computer repair shop, Ezone Computers, came to A+ SEO in May 2011 wanting to promote their computer repairs Auckland service online and generate more customers.

Initially they were very skeptical about SEO but after seeing the results our clients were achieving they decided to give it a try. Before beginning the SEO work their website was no where to be found in the search engines. Like too many other businesses, they had a website, but because it wasn't optimised, potential customers searching for their services weren't able to find them. This meant they were missing out on potential sales!

Since beginning our SEO program, they now rank in the top 5 on Google for all of their targeted keywords. They consistently get over 1000 visitors to their site each month and have a steady stream of new customers. In fact they are so busy they have had to hire more staff just to keep up with the work load.

They are also in a highly competitive market, targeting keywords such as, "PC Repair" and "IT Support." Even after almost 10 months with A+ SEO the traffic to their site continues to increase as we optimise more and more targeted keywords. The end result is an extremely satisfied client with more customers and sales than ever before.

Current Ezone Computers Google NZ Ranking as at 01 March 2012

  • Notebook Repair - Was 300+, now ranking #1
  • Computer Repairs - Was 300+, now ranking #2
  • IT Support - Was 300+, now ranking #2
  • Laptop Repairs - Was 300+, now ranking #2
  • Computer Repair - Was 300+, now ranking #3
  • Apple Repairs - Was 300+, now ranking #3
  • Mac Repair - Was 300+, now ranking #4
  • PC Repairs - Was 300+, now ranking #5