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Getting to the first page of Google isn't easy.  To make things easier, we've create a six week, no obligation SEO course delivered fresh to your inbox every week.  You'll get proven SEO tips and strategies that we use on our top ranking client websites.  It's free too.

Imagine what just one SEO strategy will do to the rankings of your website.  You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

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How to Join 
To join, just fill in your name and email below.  The first part of the six week course will be in your inbox within seconds.

Here's the SEO Tips You'll Discover

Week One: Keyword Research

  • How to research and choose highest volume and best converting keywords and phrases
  • Why some keywords have more traffic than others
  • Why general keywords are not the best to optimise, at least initially
  • How to find the best keywords (hint: It's not from the Google Keyword Tool)
  • The difference between broad and exact match (and why it matters if you want real traffic)
  • The philosophy of testing and why it is vitally important

Week Two: On-Page Optimisation

  • How important (and unimportant) On-Page Optimisation is to your ranking
  • How Google ranks your website based on keyword score
  • How to properly use meta tags and page content to improve your ranking score
  • Why things like keyword density don't matter, but quality, high value content does

Week Three: Google Maps

  • Why Google Maps is becoming more important to Google, and to ranking higher
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Google Maps
  • Three Map strategies most people don't know about

Week Four: Internal Linking

  • How to find find and understand the link profile of your website (and your competitors)
  • Why internal links are just as, if not more important than external links
  • How to use internal links to improve navigation, usability and conversions
  • The Do's and Don'ts of creating SEO friendly URL's

Week Five: Content Strategies

  • Why more content is better than less content
  • We debunk some common SEO Myths around content freshness, blogs and duplicate content
  • How to write your content, both for visitors and for search engines

Week Six: Off-Page Optimisation

  • What Off Page Optimisation is 80%+ of the reason websites rank highly
  • The best type of links you can build, and why
  • How you can build links yourself... if you have the time
  • Common link traps any self respecting website owner should be aware of
  • How quickly you can expect to see results

Plus, we promise we won't spam you or give your email to anyone.  After the six weeks has completed, we'll send you a semi regular email with new SEO tips.  Something highly valuable that we've just discovered working on one of our websites.

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