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The Do-It-Yourself SEO Workshop

11 Practical Search Engine Optimization Strategies
to Consistently Outgun and Out Rank Your Competition on Google...


If you've struggled without success to get your website higher on Google and urgently need to get above your competition to grow your business, then you must be at the  Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimisation Workshop. 

For the first time in 2012, NZ's leading SEO specialists at A+ Search Engine Marketing will reveal the SEO strategies they use to rapidly move their clients up to the first page, then then #1 spot on Google. 

These 11 strategies have been gleaned from the front lines of Google, battling with NZ's top SEO experts to consistently get higher rankings... and then stay there for years afterwards.  That's why if you generate a significant amount of your new business from your website, then you can't afford to miss this workshop with New Zealand's top Online Marketers...

► Here's What it's all About...

This workshop, dubbed the "DIY SEO & Online Marketing Workshop" is put on by the guys at Zeald.  Knowing that SEO is all important in online marketing today, A+ were invited to speak at this half-day, 3 hour workshop alongside website conversion expert Glen Sharkey from Zeald.

Because we don't promote our SEO services, we normally don't share our SEO strategies with the general public, reserving them for our SEO clients who pay a monthly fee to get their hands on our SEO strategies.

So Why Did We Say Yes to Speaking at this Workshop? 

The answer is simple really.  SEO has become a mis-understood and very frustrating way to market your business with so many conflicting opinions out there.  Many business owners are lost as to what works, and what doesn't.  That's why we wanted to explain SEO in a simple and easy to understand way, then film it so we could share these strategies on our website.

In this workshop we've stepped up to the plate and are going to reveal our very best and closely guarded SEO strategies...

Here's What You'll Learn from the SEO Strategy Session

  • DIY Tips: 11 Practical, Do-It-Yourself steps to improve your ranking in less than four hours
  • What Google really wants, and how to setup your website for Google's preferences
  • Profitable Keywords: How to find the best keywords that generate the most visitors (hint: this isn't by using Google's Keyword Tool)
  • Two immediately usable tips that separate buying keywords from unprofitable information searching keywords
  • How to setup your meta tags (apologies for the geek speak!) so your site not only ranks highly, but gets more clicks that your higher ranking competition
  • How to get people calling your business direct from the search results, without even visiting your website
  • Mythbusters: We debunk and unravel many of the most prolific myths and misconceptions about SEO, some of which can hurt your website ranking
  • You'll get updated on the latest changes Google has made to it's ranking system and how this affects your website
  • Real Examples: You'll see real client examples of websites we have optimised and are now ranking #1 for highly competitive keywords
  • We'll take you inside these client websites, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to make the same improvements to your website.
  • How to make your site an Authority in your niche, so that you rank highly for new keywords automatically
  • The 6 step strategy to find out if your website is even suitable for search engine marketing... and how you can find out with less than $500
  • Final Word: What it takes to reach #1, and why most businesses can't get there - at least by themselves

Plus... you'll get the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from New Zealand's leading SEO specialists.

So Who are A+ Search Engine Marketing and Why Should I Listen to them?

Haiming Jiang,
Managing Director &
NZ's #1 Google Expert

A+, (short for A+ Search Engine Marketing), are New Zealand's leading SEO specialists.  Here at A+, we don't do Adwords, Onine Marketing consulting or Website Design - we just do Search Engine Optimisation.  Truth be told, SEO is not even our main business, our primary focus is running our portfolio of websites that run entirely from search engine traffic.  This means you'll be listening to strategies we've developed, tested and perfected running our own websites, so you don't have to go through the (time consuming and expensive) process yourself.  Not only that, you'll also learn:

  • Why A+ are the only company in New Zealand to have high ranking client websites for highly competitive keywords like 'Website Design', 'Website Hosting', 'Car Insurance' and 'Gift Baskets', plus numerous others.
  • How we get our client websites to consistently rank in the top 10 for all their keywords and then get to #1
  • How our portfolio of sites generate leads for many New Zealand businesses, and how you can use our strategies in your business
  • How we use Search Engine Marketing to generate consistent and an increasing number leads for our retail furniture business in Shanghai, China

... Ok, so you guys know what you're talking about - but who is this workshop for?

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Everyone!  But seriously, if you:

  • Spend money on Google Adwords regularly (you must attend, your workship ticket will pale in comparision to what you will save - and make from this talk)
  • Get a significant amount of your new business from your website
  • Are selling any product with an eCommerce website online
  • Want to get higher on Google, but are confused by the conflicting views on what works, and what doesn't
  • See your competitors ranking highly on Google and need real strategies on what it takes to get ahead of them

Who Else is Speaking at the Workshop?

Glen Sharkey
Seminar Presenter

Glen Sharkey is a Seminar Presenter at Zeald with over 20 years of business training experience. Since completing his business degree, majoring in communications, Glen has become a sort after business consultant and seminar speaker. 

Every business can benefit from Glen and Zeald's passion for designing high converting websites that help New Zealand businesses to succeed online.

Glen will speak on:

  • The 2 little known, yet powerful secrets to website success that most business owners overlook
  • Why 'sticking up a website' is not enough to get consistent new business from your site
  • The website 'Sales Process' and how to navigate visitors through your website for maximum enquiries
  • How to talk to your website visitors and answer the top questions that when looking for your product or service
  • Three practical ways to create trust and credibility so that visitors choose you, rather than the competition

► How much is the Workshop to Attend?

It's $297 incl GST per person.  Plus you get to bring a friend for free.  So it's really only $149 per person. Too cheap, I know.  This means you can bring along someone else from your business (your web developer or website manager), or a friend from another business.  It's peanuts compared to the 3 hours of high quality, practical and useable information you'll get from New Zealand's top online marketers. 

To get this advice individually from these experts would cost thousands.  Not to mention that just one idea from these speakers could make and save you thousands over the next three months. 

But that's not all.  This workshop also comes with our... 

► 100% Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of the entire three hour workshop you feel that you haven't gotten at least one idea that will make or save you $297 over the next 12 months, then simply talk to one of our team and we'll refund your ticket in full, no questions asked.  Plus you get to keep all your notes and workshop materials, just for coming along.

So you've got zero risk (and nothing to lose) by coming along and learning from New Zealand's top online marketers, who are sharing the strategies they use everyday with their clients and on their own websites. 

► Ok, I Want To Come Along, What Do I Do Next?

To register for this event:

Phone: Call us on 0800 PRO SEO (0800 776 736) and we'll register you for the event.

Online: Simply click on the link below and you can register and pay for your ticket online.

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Online Marketing & SEO Workshop

Wednesday 4th April 2012

Time: 9:00am to 12:30pm

Venue: Fairway Lodge
7 Argus Place, Glenfield, Auckland

Investment: $297 incl GST.
Plus you get to bring a friend for free.
Workshop Workbook with full copies of the PowerPoint slides are yours to keep


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