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SEO and Link Building

SEO and Link Building

Search engines such as Google use hyperlinks to objectively rank businesses for their keywords. Through links, Google determines the legitimacy, popularity, trust-ability, and authority of a website, helping it to accurately determine a keyword ranking.


By persuading other site owners to provide a link to your business’ website, you will not only increase traffic, but you will enhance your SEO. Therefore, to rank highly for your keywords, it is imperative that you invest in a link building campaign.


How Link Building Affects Search Engine Optimisation


Search engines use complex algorithms to not only determine the popularity of your website; but also its legitimacy. It is important, therefore, that your link building campaign is strategic. Rather than solely focusing on the number of links, reputable SEO companies will concentrate on obtaining the most relevant links.


Google ranks links from reputable and trusted websites, far higher than spam-focused websites. Furthermore, search engines take into account how relevant the linking website is to your subject area and keywords. Quality Auckland search engine optimisation companies understand the importance of this metric and concentrate on gaining links from respected and applicable websites.


How to Improve SEO through Link Building


Broadly speaking there are two link building classifications: natural and unnatural, and both types are integral components of any successful link building campaign.


Natural link building focuses on the creation of interesting, relevant, and unique web content. This content should have both a strong SEO focus, and a high quality of writing. By creating original and appealing copy, your website is more likely to be linked to and referenced by other related businesses.


Unnatural link building requires SEO companies to actively pursue potential link providers. This can be done in a myriad of ways; through submissions, reviews, mentions, and outreach campaigns. Alternatively, self-created links can be generated in a careful and ethical manner.


Quick Tips for Optimising Your Link Building


You should try to utilise social media platforms. Social media channels and blogs are becoming increasingly important for link building and search engine optimisation. By communicating directly with your audience, and collaborating with partners; these platforms provide the ideal opportunity for creating links.


Attempt to focus on websites which do not often provide links. It is better for your SEO that you are linked by websites which do not often provide linking, as the more selective the linker, the higher search engines will rank your website.


Finally, it is important that you continually add new links. Search engines do not rank old links as highly as new links so you should be continually updating both the links themselves and your link providers.


Link building is one of the most challenging aspects of an SEO company’s job. It is, however, very important to your success. So if you are considering investing in search engine optimisation, it is vital that you find a SEO and online reputation management company that is well versed in link building. For more information about link creation and online marketing, visit or call us for a free quote or advice.

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