Bud Florists SEO Case Study Bud Florists SEO Case Study Bud Florists SEO Case Study Bud Florists SEO Case Study

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Bud Florists SEO Case Study

Bud Florists SEO Case Study

Jane from the flower delivery company, Bud Florists, shares with us how A+ has helped her online business to expand nationwide…


Q. You’ve tried to do SEO before with mixed results. Were you skeptical about using A+ SEO?


I don’t know if this is unique to all website businesses. But generally you are constantly being targeted by people who want you to use their services. So when Haiming contacted me initially, I was quite skeptical because I didn’t really know how he could help me anymore than anyone else already had.


But luckily I was having problems with the online reputation company that I was using and they had promised me quite a number of things and they hadn’t delivered. I’m a very small business so it was getting very expensive and I was at my wits end so I though I’d try Haiming, and I’m very happy that i did!


Q. What did you ask Haiming to help you with?


Well I was doing a lot of stuff by myself but I really didn’t know what I should be doing. I don’t completely understand Google, I know some of the basics but really have no idea. So I was looking for someone who could help me with this aspect of the business. That was the first thing he did and we got results very quickly, and I was absolutely thrilled.


Not only that but when he first contacted me he wanted to talk directly to me about what I needed to do. Unfortunately I was very busy at the time and thought I wouldn’t understand what he was telling me. I just wanted him to do the job and hoped that it was all going to work out well. He did far better than I could ever have expected and I was absolutely thrilled.



“The amount of traffic we were getting just started to


– Jane



Q. Where were your keywords ranking before you did any Search Engine Optimisation?

If I was to check where my keywords were before Haiming had done any work for me I would be ranking between pages one and four. But it was mainly only for specific campaigns, and with the marketing company I had working for me before that we were getting mixed results. Maybe they didn’t understand what I wanted, but I would say that the whole experience for the past three years has been average.

Since working with haiming we’ve had results very quickly. I’ve only known him for six to eight weeks and it’s been fantastic and I’m absolutely thrilled.


Q. How long did it take to get results for the important keyword, “Valentines Day?”

Because I’d only given A+ a very short amount of notice, Haiming said to me it can take between two and six weeks to get good results. But he promised me the results would be good within that time period and they were. We really began to notice it two days before Valentine Day. From looking at the results, and the graphs, showing you the amount of traffic we were getting it just started to accelerate.



“We are now ranking between number one and three on

Google for our keywords.”

– Jane



Q. Where are you ranking for your targeted keywords now?

We are ranking highly between number one and three. When I last checked we were ranking quite highly and consistently which is great.

Q. After getting solid results, what made you continue with the A+ SEO Maintenance Program?


I felt working with Haiming and getting the results that we have, has been a great experience. I completely trust him and feel he is completely honest and delivers what he says he will. He communicates very well and let’s me know what I should be doing in terms of my website. I’m now relying on him to advise me on what I need to be doing and looking at. I’m going to make sure that I get that done to make this work.


Q. What would you say to other business owners who want better results with their website?


My previous experiences with other people has been very disappointing because I feel that they took advantage of my ignorance. With A+ I never felt that and we’ve had results so quickly that it’s been great.

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