Doggy Dan SEO Case Study Doggy Dan SEO Case Study Doggy Dan SEO Case Study Doggy Dan SEO Case Study

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Doggy Dan SEO Case Study

Doggy Dan SEO Case Study

New Zealand’s top dog trainer, Doggy Dan (Dan Abdelnoor) talks candidly about his website making it to the top of Google and what this has meant for his business…


Doggy_DanQ. So Dan, tell us about what you do?


I’m a professional dog trainer and puppy trainer. Basically what I do is go round to people’s homes and train my clients puppies on proper dog behavior and obedience.


Q. What were you doing to get customers before you met Haiming of A+ SEO?


Before I met Haiming I was spending money on Yellow Pages, advertorials, and newspaper – spending a whole lot of money everywhere to be honest. I was also spending money on Google Adwords to try and get my business up the Google rankings, which wasn’t really happening at all…

Q. So how did you discover Haiming and A+ SEO online reputation management?

I was talking with a friend who has business in adventure tourism and she recommended I get in touch with Haiming. She had used Haiming to optimise one of her websites and was pleased with the results and said was a really good guy who you could trust, which is rare these days. At the time I was spending money on Google Adwords and doing work myself to move up the Google rankings, which just wasn’t happening. So I got in touch with Haiming – and I’m glad I did because things started to turn around pretty quickly…


“To get into the top 5 spot on
Google took just under 6 weeks”

-Doggy Dan



Q. Where were you ranking on Google before you met Haiming?


I was ranking about 100 to 190 for my main keywords, puppy training, dog trainer and dog training – so pretty abysmal – being way back on the 19th page.


Q. You were trying Google Adwords – What were you spending on Google Adwords per month?


I was spending around $25 a day, which was my cutoff limit, which worked out to being $700 a month or $8,000 a year. There was also all the time spent monitoring and keeping track out it. I found there was a big investment in time to discover which key words were best and the best strategies for using Google Adwords, which I just didn’t have the time for…


Q. How long did it take for you to start to see some real results?


To get into the top 3 to 5 spots on Google took about three, four, maybe five weeks. And that was going from way back on the 19th page…
Q. How much did you invest to get that type of result so quickly?


What I agreed with Haiming was that it would be $1,000 per word, so $3,000 for my three keywords of puppy training, dog trainer and dog training. I paid a third at the beginning, a third halfway through and a third at the end, so $3,000 in total.


Q. Where are you ranking now on Google for your keywords?


So it’s been 8-10 months now since I first met Haiming and invested the $3,000 dollars and I’m still right up there on Google, up around the three, four or five mark. It floats around a little bit, sometimes I’m higher – at the top spot for puppy training then it might drop down a bit. And 8 months later I haven’t paid a penny since. Of course, what I haven’t spent is the $8,000 elsewhere on Google Adwords, so I’m more than happy to pay a little more to maintain the website and get it up right to the top…
“Over a year it’s saved me
$10,000 in advertising…”

-Doggy Dan


Q. How much have you saved on Google Adwords and all your other advertising by just focusing on getting yourself up the Google rankings?


Over a year I’ve probably saved around $10,000 and I’m getting as much, if not more business just from my website. And that, for me, just says it all.


Q. You mentioned that it’s saved you a lot of time as well, because it qualifies out tyre kickers and now only the real customers call you?

Yeah, because I’ve been sitting at the top of Google for these keywords, puppy training, dog trainer and dog training, the funnel at the top is huge. The number of people coming to the site is huge.


They can then filter down and look at the site and decide whether they want to pay the fee, which is written on the website. Now I’m not having to filter a find out which people are serious of not, talking to them on the phone – so it’s actually saving me a couple of days a week in time as well.


Q. What would you recommend any other business owner out there who has got a website, but wants to get to the top of Google in their market?

If anyone out there is a bit skeptical and is wondering if it’s true, whether it can actually be done or not – all I’d say is pick up the phone, give Haiming a call, chat with him, let him show you how it works. It’s not the biggest gamble in the world… I stand here, I’m putting my name behind it, – this is who I am and it’s worked for me.


As the lady who recommended them to me, she said – Haiming is a good guy, he’s an honest guy and that’s why I’m happy to put my name behind what he does.

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