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Worldwear Case Study

Worldwear Case Study

Jayne Wear, from online fashion store WorldWear, details the journey she has had growing her business and how crucial SEO has been in its success…


Q. How did WorldWear start?


WorldWear started about five years ago with the objective of making London high street fashion available in New Zealand. We source well known brands from the UK and offer a product range for Men, Women and Children.


Q. How did customers find you before SEO?


Initially we relied on trade events and focused on building our database. We would run competitions where people would enter by giving us their email and we spent a lot of effort sending out newsletters etc. Eventually we realised that was only working with our existing customers and we needed to get outside of that. We trialed AdWords and had some successes with that but it wasn’t until we came across A+ SEO Auckland and search engine optimisation that we really began to see much more improvement in the business.


“it wasn’t until we came across A+ that we
really began to see much more improvement
in the business.”

– Jayne Wear



Q. Why Use SEO?


First I looked at my own purchase behaviours and how others around me were researching products and Google seems to be the tool everyone uses not only to search for information but also to purchase. I looked at our sites performance in Google and realised how badly it was performing and that was a concern. I know when I search myself its the first few results that come up that you are most likely to click on.


That’s when I realised we couldn’t just rely on a great website and having our own customer database, we had to go a step further and focus on marketing ourselves online. I then began researching SEO and realised that organic search is such a powerful tool.


Q. How did A+ improve your business?


When I approached Haiming he came around and sat down with me for about 4 hours. He took me through my website and explained what I should be doing, things I could do for myself and things that A+ SEO Online reputation reputation could help me with. It gave me a great perspective on what SEO is all about and was an important starting point for getting Google to discover us online.


“I knew A+ was a company I could trust
and the results would come.”

– Jayne Wear



Q. What was the next step?


Getting A+ to help me find the keywords people were using to search in order to get to the WorldWear site.


Q. Were you skeptical?


No not really. Talking with Haiming and getting a detailed proposal of all the steps A+ were going to take gave me confidence. For me all this made me feel that this was a company I can trust and I know the results will come. You also offered a guarantee so I knew you would work hard to get me results and I was confident that would happen.


Q. How has SEO improved your business?


Definitely organic search traffic has grown and that has resulted in great sales which is fantastic. I think its one of those things that you need to keep working on. SEO isn’t something that you can dabble in then forget and say now I’ve nailed SEO. That’s why its great working with an SEO expert who keeps your regularly updated on progress, performance and can show you where your conversions are coming from and what we need to focus on.


I’m happy with the performance to date and am really excited about where to from now and how much we can grow over the next 12 months.


Q. Advice for fellow business owners?


I think when you initially start you try a number of things because you don’t know what’s going to work best for you. I guess you have to go back to your demographic and ask yourself, whose your customer and how do they shop? You need to understand your customer and how they want to be communicated with and how that fits in with your own marketing strategy.


Also it’s about building that wider awareness outside your existing customer base by using SEO and other tools because you are only going to grow through more people knowing about you and the quicker that happens the better. For me the best place to target your customers is online, you can catch the people who are at their computer looking online and wanting to buy.


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