Reid Technology SEO Case Study Reid Technology SEO Case Study Reid Technology SEO Case Study Reid Technology SEO Case Study

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Reid Technology SEO Case Study

Reid Technology SEO Case Study

David Reid, managing director of Reid Technology, explains how he found out about A+ SEO Auckland and why you’d be mad not to take advantage of it…


Q. What is Reid Technology?

We are a technology company looking at giving independence to people, from a power system in a remote area where there was no power before through to independence for someone who is hard of hearing but wants to continue to live alone. The electronics we sell also allow anything in between that range.


Q. How do customers find you?


Its a real mix as solar is an emerging area. We have been specialising in health care for a long time so have always had a strong focus in that area. However in the solar side it tends to be by referral through other happy customers and referrals through engineers who are often involved in designing these systems as well as from the work we do with A+ SEO online reputation management as we know our customers are looking on the web.



“When I typed in “Search Engine Optimisation”

I noticed that A+ came up first in the search

engine results.”

– David Reid



Q. Why Use SEO?


There’s a couple of reasons why, firstly because we weren’t showing up in the search results and I found that frustrating and worrying because I know our clients are technology literate and they will be on the web looking for this kind of thing rather than using yellow pages or relying on magazine advertising. I was aware of SEO and because we wanted to keep the Reid Technology website going we had to do the kind of stuff that A+ do.


SEO is a way of spending money much more cleverly than blasting out different ads which weren’t reaching the right people.


Q. How did you find out about A+ SEO?


After typing in “Search Engine Optimisation” I saw that A+ came up first but what was also important was that you were within a close proximity to us.



“The work that A+ SEO has done

for us has been really effective.”

– David Reid



Q. Were you skeptical?


Skeptical isn’t the right word, I’m intrigued as to how you do it but I knew you would. I had confidence that you would get us to where we wanted to be and you did it really quickly. There’s a whole level of understanding about how Google works that i have no handle on and I don’t have the time to find out, thankfully that’s what you guys do.


Q. Are you pleased with your ranking results?


In terms of where we are in the search engines we’re really happy. We appreciate that as we began to rank for our most important keyword phrases we added more and now ironically we’re ranked higher than some of our suppliers who are the world wide manufacturers for things. That’s a bit weird but we don’t mind!


In general A+ said what they were going to do and they did it. The work that they have done for us has been really effective.


Q. Advice for fellow business owners?


The advice would be that search engine optimisation does work. It will get you to where you want to be on the search results and then it’s up to the business itself to deliver on the leads that are generated. The bottom line is that it works and if the web is where people are going to search for your products then you need to be doing SEO.


Consumers are getting more sophisticated and it should be apart of your advertising and you’d be mad if you don’t do it. The level of success you get from it is up to you how well you follow through.

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