Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

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Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media

As Google’s search algorithms change and update, so to should your SEO techniques. By keeping up to date with the current algorithms, you can ensure that your website is ranking highly on your preferred search engine.


One of the latest and most successful ways to keep your website ranking highly for your keywords is to promote your business via social media. This new generation of search engine optimisation techniques is white hat SEO at its finest. By gaining more Facebook ‘likes’, more Twitter ‘retweets’, and more Google+ ‘+1s’, you are effectively ensuring that your business’ main website will gain more views and rank higher in search results.


Modern Search Engine Optimisation Tools


To improve your website’s search engine rankings, you should look to utilize appropriate social media platforms. Facebook and Google+ are great social media platforms for just about every business. Twitter can be a fantastic way to keep your customers up to date with current activities, Pinterest is perfect for product focused businesses to advertise through, and video websites such as the popular website YouTube can be a useful tool for businesses looking to instruct their customers or to put out a viral video.


By utilizing these platforms you can greatly improve your company’s online presence. Whichever social media websites you choose to utilize, you are effectively promoting your business by simply interacting with your customers. This will ultimately lead to greater search engine optimisation, and a higher Google ranking.


Utilizing Social Media for Google SEO


Social media platforms are considered a slightly slower, but really very effective, Google SEO technique.  The key to ensuring your business gets views, and reaches the first page of Google for your keywords, is persistence.


Cultivating an online audience, whether it is via views, friends, likes, or retweets, requires time and patience, but the payoff for persevering is high. In a snowball like fashion, your business’ social media may start out small, but slowly gather momentum until it is massive. It is at this point that you will reap the rewards for your hard work, and start to see some amazing results.


Social Media Search Engine Marketing Strategy


While it can take time to gather an online audience, maintaining and retaining this audience it is much easier than bringing them on board. To keep your viewers interested and attracted to your brand, you need to consistently post relevant and interesting content.


By uploading content that also incorporates your business’ keywords; you can effectively utilize search engine marketing techniques in a two-fold manner. You are first doing this by promoting your business and directing traffic to your primary website, and you are also doing this by assisting search engine algorithms via keyword utilization.

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media <span class=Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media"/>

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