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SEO Solutions to Google Penguin 2.0

SEO Solutions to Google Penguin 2.0

The long awaited and latest Google algorithm; Penguin 2.0 has finally been released and it has caused quite a stir in the Auckland search engine optimisation community. With its focus on deterring spam and black hat SEO, Google Penguin 2.0 has already had a huge impact on some top name websites. In fact more than 2.3 percent of English websites have been affected by this update, which is to say that they are no longer holding some of the top ranking spots for their keywords.


In the aftermath of the algorithm’s roll out, many websites affected by it have started to look for solutions. Unaffected websites, who have benefited from their competitions downfall, also want to know, how can we keep our new ranking? Whether you are part of the 2.3 percent directly affected by the recent algorithm, a website owner, or an SEO practitioner, it is vital that you understand how to work within and recover from the introduction of Google’s Penguin 2.0.


Who Penguin 2.0 is Targeting


The range of recovery options for Google’s Penguin 2.0 update is extensive and will need to be implemented based on the website’s previous SEO practices. Common SEO mistakes that are being specifically targeted include; low quality content, having matching anchor text, a lack of social media interaction, and low quality links. These issues, however, have solutions which will bring your website back up to the ranking it deserves.


Penguin 2.0 SEO Auckland Recovery Options


Websites who have been targeted in this patch may find that these recovery options not only recuperate their original ranking, but may even improve on it. Some of the first steps all website owners should take are to not panic, determine what impact this algorithm has had on them, and to try and understand where their issues lie.


One of the chief targets for Penguin was spam SEO links. These ‘unnatural links’ will often be pointed out by Google themselves, so you can easily identify where the issue lies To clean up these links and help recover your original standing, work with Google and your SEO online reputation management provider and request that these links be removed.


A lack of keyword variation has also been a target for the latest update. This is a very simple issue to resolve. Rather than stuffing your content with your keywords, try to incorporate your keywords in a more natural manner. This issue is also relevant to your anchor text, which should no longer exactly match your keywords, but partially match it instead.


Finally, it should always be your primary goal to produce unique, quality, and relevant content. Websites who have been creating content for algorithms rather than their audience will notice this technique is no longer working. Rather, you should focus on interacting with your audience and including social media which provide platforms for networking and which Google is now prioritizing.


Website owners looking to gain back their top page ranking after Penguin 2.0, may contact A+ SEO to discuss their search engine optimisation needs. You can do this by visiting or calling one of our friendly SEO professionals.

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