Are Your Clients Asking You About SEO? Are Your Clients Asking You About SEO? Are Your Clients Asking You About SEO? Are Your Clients Asking You About SEO?

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Are Your Clients Asking You About SEO?

Are Your Clients Asking You About SEO?

Do you want to help your clients meet their SEO needs but are too busy to provide this service yourself? Maybe you’ve even considered working with an SEO company but don’t know who to trust?


What if you were able to provide this service without having to learn SEO or worry about the cost of hiring more staff?


Let’s Look at it from your Clients Point of View…


A web design company who can offer SEO themselves, or works with a trusted SEO company is much more attractive to me as a business owner.


Web Design Companies A+ SEO Work With

EazyShop   Datadog   Eternity

7 Most FAQs Web Designers Have About SEO


1. How do you increase a websites rankings in the search engines?


We only use proven SEO strategies that comply with strict search engine guidelines. These are the very same techniques we use and test on our own websites. Here’s an overview of our process:


  • Keyword Research – We discover high traffic, high value keywords that are relevant to the website.
  • Competition Analysis – We analyse the top competitors websites and linking structures. This helps to determine how difficult it will be to rank for each keyword and the best SEO strategy to adopt.
  • Site Review & Recommendations – We comprehensively review the website and offer detailed on page recommendations. This creates more relevancy for the chosen keywords within the search engines, improving the rankings.
  • Off Page Optimisation – This is the most important ranking factor. We create links to the website from other high quality and relevant sites. We build these gradually so it appears natural to the search engines. This helps the site to rank faster and maintain a stable long term ranking.


2. I noticed you work with some of my competitors, is that a problem?


We know your reputation is important to both you and your clients. So is ours! In fact that’s why we only work with the best web design companies in New Zealand. Our aim is to help them provide the best SEO services possible to their clients. By working with a trusted SEO company like A+ SEO you can feel confident about meeting your clients SEO needs and offering them more value.


3. We are already working with an SEO company what makes you different?


There are many SEO companies out there and it’s hard to know who to trust. We advise potential clients to shop around and make sure they find a professional SEO company they are comfortable with. These are three things a reputable SEO company should have:


1. Guarantees – We guarantee to get top 10 rankings for all your clients chosen keywords within six months, or we will continue to work on the website for free until we do. A guarantee like this makes sure your clients get those top rankings and have nothing to lose.


2. Proven Track Record – Don’t trust an SEO company who isn’t already ranking highly in the search engines for keywords related to SEO. A+ SEO online reputation have top three and higher rankings on Google for most SEO related search terms. Apart from referrals this is how potential clients find us. We have also helped more than 105 clients get their websites onto the first page of Google. We also have a top ranking website in almost every market so we know exactly how to get results for your clients.


For more details take a look at our client case studies >>


3. Client Feedback – This is so important when you’re trying to find an SEO company you can trust. Having positive feedback from their clients is proof they know what they’re doing and can deliver on their promises.


4. Our websites are already SEO friendly so why do we need you?


Its great that you’re providing your clients with search engine friendly websites, this makes it much easier for the search engines to crawl and index them. However ranking highly in the search engines takes much more than just basic on page optimisation, especially in highly competitive industries. Achieving first page rankings requires a combination of both specific on page and off page optimisation.


Being SEO specialists this is all we do and we love it. Since SEO is an ongoing process it takes up a lot of time managing clients expectations, offering regular SEO updates, recommendations, answering those tricky technical questions and building links to their site. We know how busy you are focusing on your core business which is why we want to work with you to take care of all the SEO stuff.


5. We love creating flash sites but you guys say they are bad for SEO?


While flash websites may look good they can really hurt a websites SEO chances. Here’s some reasons why:

  • Alot of flash isn’t even crawlable so what your visitors see and the search engines can crawl are two completely different things.
  • Flash sites don’t usually provide unique URLS for specific pages which is important for link building, web analytics and tracking.
  • Flash sites are also a lot slower to load and many of your visitors might not even have flash installed.
  • Important html tags which help the search engines to crawl and index a site are often missing.


6. Is SEO really that important?


It is for anyone who wants their business to be easily found online by potential customers. SEO isn’t just about getting more traffic to your site, its about getting more targeted traffic. These are people who are actually interested in your business or products. With more and more people searching online for the things they need SEO just makes sense.


7. What are the benefits of working with an SEO company like A+ SEO?

  • You can provide more value to your clients by offering an SEO service.
  • We can provide confidential and comprehensive SEO services for your clients under your own name.
  • Working with a reputable SEO company means you don’t have to start up your own SEO division.
  • We can help you answer all the tricky SEO questions your clients have.
  • We can be your resource for everything SEO related.
  • You don’t have to worry about your clients SEO results because you’re working with a company you can trust.

We Guarantee Confidentiality


If you are looking for a “behind the scenes” Search Engine Optimisation provider, A+ SEO understands the need to maintain strict confidentiality. We will never tell your clients who we are or contact them directly. We offer you this confidential service so that you can resell it to your clients under your own name.


What’s the Next Step?


If you’re serious about meeting your clients SEO needs, fill in the form below and we will arrange a time to talk more about how working with A+ SEO can benefit you and your clients:


“Imagine being able to help your clients generate more sales by getting their websites onto the first page of Google…”


P.S. Working with A+ SEO will allow you to provide a valuable SEO service for your clients, without taking the focus away from your core business.

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