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Penguin Penalty Recovery

Penguin Penalty Recovery

Has your website recently lost rankings with Google? It’s quite possible that you are dealing with a Google Penguin or Panda update. We can help you figure out the problem. Let our  SEO expert analysts determine what happened to your website. We will evaluate your site and help recover traffic, rankings, leads and ultimately sales.


Recovering from the Google Penguin Penalty



Some webmasters and business owners may have noticed that their organic listings have dropped significantly. When this happens, it is usually due to one of the many Google updates. In this particular case, business owners and entrepreneurs alike lose organic web traffic and leads due to the Google Penguin update and all of its many variations.


Here’s the thing…

You might not even actively pursue SEO. But that does not mean that your website is invulnerable to the Penguin update. It’s quite possible to suffer from negative backlinking even if you did not purposely go out of your way to acquire links of this kind.


If for some reason you feel that you are suffering from the Google Penguin update, you should not wait to see what happens. Our SEO experts can help you diagnose this problem correctly. We can put together a plan so that you can begin to recover from Penguin as quickly as possible.


Forget about losing rankings, leads and sales. If you do nothing about this long enough you could end up doing immeasurable damage to your business. You need your customers from the Internet, so let us look into this problem quickly so that we can discover a solution to your search engine woes.


Signs That Prove Your Site Was Penalized


There are certain signs to look for when determining if you have suffered from a Google Penguin penalty. These signs include:

  • Lower organic rankings – when first page rankings suddenly disappear for trademarked terms or targeted keywords, you are most likely looking at a Penguin penalty.
  • Decrease in search traffic – when your search traffic suddenly disappears, this will typically turn into a decrease in leads and sales. This is very noticeable to the business owner.
  • Google Webmaster tools alert – sometimes Google will issue a penalty and let you know through a Webmaster tools alert. Do not ignore these alerts because they are valuable pieces of information to help figure out where your website went wrong.


As you can see, determining if your site was hit with a Penguin update is quite possible. These signs will help show you the way.


We Can Help with Your Recovery


Instead of doing nothing and watching your business disappear, allow our SEO online reputation experts to help you recover. Every website tells a different story. What happened to one Webmaster may not be the reason why you are suffering from a penalty of this type.


We will need to perform a detailed evaluation to figure out how to resolve your penalty issues. Call to schedule an appointment today so that we can begin analysis as soon as possible. This is the first step on the road to a Google Penguin recovery.


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