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  • “The more we invested into website optimization the more the phones rang.” Dr Michael Kan – >> More
    “Our Investment with Aplus was paid back within 3 months” Chris Gallagher – See More
  • “Thanks to A+ my online bookings increased dramatically” Rae Gill – See More
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SEO Services Packages

SEO Services Packages

What Makes A+ Search Engine Marketing different from every other Auckland SEO company in NZ?

Good Question.  Simply put – we are the best SEO company in New Zealand.  This sounds like we’re blowing our own trumpet, but here’s 5 reasons why…

Top 10 Guarantee

Top 10 Google Ranking in 180 Days or less, Guaranteed

Your Website in the first page of Google for all your keywords within 180 days, guaranteed.  It’s that simple.  If we don’t get it into the top 10 within 180 days, we will continue to work on your website for free until we do.


Average time to reach attain a top 10 Google Ranking – 92.1 Days

Because A+ Search Engine Marketing have a team of five SEO experts working full time on our client websites, we can get your website in the top 10 faster than anyone else.

Why is this?

Most New Zealand SEO companies are One-Man-Bands who spread themselves across all thier client websites.  They simply don’t have the time to dedicate to each client website to get a 1st page ranking in a matter of weeks.  Yet with A+, you get the full time focus of five SEO Experts who are dedicated to improving your ranking.

Long Lasting Results

Our Clients Websites Stay in the Top 10 Long Term

Because of the intensive SEO work we do on your website, our clients websites stay in the top 10 long term.  There’s no fear of your website dropping out of the top 10 as soon as we finish.

Experience in Every Market

We’ve Probably Got a Similar Website in the Top 10

With over 170+ websites optimised for Google in the last 5.5 years, we have got a top ranking website in almost every market.  This means we know how long it will take to attain a top ranking with accuracy, and you know we can get you there… because we’ve done it before


We take on the toughest SEO Jobs

Here at A+, we don’t try to be price competitive compared to other SEO companies out there.  Most of our clients are in high to ultra competitive markets like…

  • Property Investment
  • Web Design
  • Mortgage Broking
  • Web Hosting
  • Health Supplements

… Which require the highest levels of SEO skill and experience to attain a top ranking.  But this is good news, because even if you are in a uncompetitive market, we can get you higher, faster than anyone else and keep you there long term.

We are not the cheapest SEO Company, and we don’t try to be…

You can do SEO for free.  There’s lots of DIY tips on our website and a plethora of free information available on the Internet.  There’s SEO consultants out there who charge a fraction of what we charge.  These are all valid and worthwhile options if you want to optimise your website for Google.

But if you want guaranteed results within specific timeframe and to get above your competitors quickly, then these are the SEO Investment Options that A+ Search Engine Marketing offer.

Please Note: The Investment options are offered in a choice of three, six and eight keyword SEO Programs.  The three keywords program allows you to pick your top three keywords.  If you already have an established site we guarantee to get all three keywords into the top 10 of Google within 180 days.

SEO Program Categories:

  Type of Business

  Keywords Optimised

Extra Competitive

Website Hosting
Website Design
Property Investment
Mortgage Brokers
Car Rental
IT Support
Gift Baskets
Accomodation & Hotel
Business Coaching

Three Keywords

$1197 + GST per month

Six Keywords

$1797 + GST per month

Ten Keywords

$2397 + GST per month



Costume Hire
Online Store
Building Inspections
Property Management
Home Renovations
Carpet Cleaning

Three Keywords

$797 + GST per month

Six Keywords

$1197 + GST per month

Ten Keywords

$1597 + GST per month

Uncompetitive (+ Location)

Carpet Cleaning North Shore
Building Inspections Manukau
Fishing Charters Nelson
Steel Sheds Napier
Roofing Tauranga
Electricians Christchurch
Tiling Dunedin

Three Keywords

$497 + GST per month

Six Keywords

$797 + GST per month

Ten Keywords

$997 + GST per month





























Important Points:

  • All programs come with a 6 month, top 10 ranking guarantee for established websites with a PR of 2 or more.  If a client’s website is not ranking in the top 10 for its keywords within 180 days, we will continue to work on the website for free until it does.
  • A+ Search Engine Marketing has top ranking client websites in all of the above markets, many of which rank #1 for their keywords.
  • Google Ranking Maintenance is optional.  Clients can start or stop at any time with no cancellation periods or notice required.

Custom SEO Pricing Options

Already got a website in the top 10?  Got an International SEO Project?

If you have a special SEO project in mind, then feel free to call or email us for a free, no obligation SEO phone consulation.  We love learning about other businesses, so feel free to call us with your questions.

Questions about SEO? Unsure where to start?

SEO is an investment in your website and should be planned carefully to get the best results.  To avoid the pitfalls or just be pointed in the right direction, call A+ SEO reputation management and we’ll advise you on the options available to you.

In this no obligation phone consultation, we’ll ask you about your business, the viability of marketing your business via search engines and whether SEO is the right option for you.  In most cases we recommend prospective clients try Google Adwords before investing in SEO.  For numerous reasons (discussed in our Search Engine Marketing post), Adwords is a superb testing medium to ascertain whether your business is right for SEO.

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