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Web Design Consideration for SEO

Web Design Consideration for SEO

Here at A+ we understand how important SEO friendly web design is. Although our core expertise is getting existing websites higher on Google as fast as possible, we know it takes more than just a pretty design to create a successful website. The fact is no matter how good your site looks, if you can’t get potential customers to it there’s no point.


We work with some of the top web design companies in New Zealand who provide affordable, professional and most importantly search engine friendly websites that not only look great but are also functional for visitors and the search engines.


5 Important SEO Website Design Factors


  • Cross Browser Compatibility – Sometimes a website will not show up properly in certain browsers. This can make your site inaccessible to certain people and even stop it from working.
  • Professional design that promotes and represents your brand – From site wide logos to consistent and professionally laid out products, images and text. If your site doesn’t look the part no one will pay attention.
  • Load Speeds – Keeping multimedia sized correctly and having a clean site without clutter. The faster your pages load the better for your visitors and search engine rankings.
  • Proper URL Structure – Having properly structured URLS on your site not only looks cleaner and more professional but are much more user friendly and allow you to incorporate your keywords.
  • Site Navigation – This is vital if you want your visitors to find their way around your website. Also it helps the search engines find any deeply nested pages and get them indexed.


These are just some of the many features the web design companies we work with incorporate into their designs. For more information on how to get your own professionally designed, SEO friendly website give A+ SEO & Online Reputation Management Team a call or fill out the form below:

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